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June 21, 2019

Pharmacogenomics may play an important role in treatment and more specifically prevention of stroke in the future. The way that I see that this playing a role is helping us pick the best medication choices for each patient. And I see this in a few different areas. One, if we give people blood thinners, it seems that there are some people that respond better to aspirin than others. Some people respond better to clopidogrel than others. And the same thing goes with aspirin and extended release dipyridamole. We also see this with blood pressure medications that some people just respond to certain types of blood pressure medications better and so with pharmacogenomics would, I could envision down the line is being able to assess what medications you’re going to respond to best by what your genetics say. You won’t be able to recognize that certain genetic or certain gene types, genetic profiles make you a better candidate for this type of medication and these types of medications. And so we can say, look, you know, for you specifically your body, your genes, you do better on aspirin and hydrochlorothiazide. And this person does better on these medications. And I do think that’s coming down the line at some point.

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