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Production of Symptoms

June 21, 2019

So pituitary masses, the way they can produce symptoms in a person, you can basically break it down into a couple of categories and then you can certainly look at it in a very complicated way or I’m going to hopefully present a simpler way. And so one way mass is in the brain or masses anywhere in the body can produce symptoms is they just grow so big that they start pushing on their neighbor and their neighbor stops working the way it’s supposed to or whatever structure is next to them, stops working the way it’s supposed to do. The pituitary sort of sits in almost the geometric center of somebody’s head pretty close actually. So it’s between the two orbits and in the midline, it’s not a paired organ. So in other words, there’s not a left and a right pituitary like there is with so many of the other organs. So there it is, it can grow in a variety of directions. And if we just sort of look and see what sits in every direction, that’ll give us an idea of what symptoms it can produce if it just grows and stops or doesn’t allow whatever structure pushes onto to work right.

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