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Psychotherapy Benefits

June 21, 2019

There’s good data supporting the use of psychotherapy in the treatment of depression. The vast majority of people who go through therapy shows some improvement in their symptoms of depression. The effects can sometimes be more enduring than the effects of medication and the treatment of depression, meaning that after a person stops therapy or after a person stops medication, it could be that the benefits of the therapy last longer than the benefits of the medication in many individuals. When considering psychotherapy, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits may take some time to reap. A connection has to be established between the patient and the therapist, which takes time. Therapy can be very therapist-dependent, meaning that the therapist has to be a good fit for you as someone who you feel comfortable with and that you feel can help you. A person has to be at the level of being able to engage in therapy. In some instances of depression, the depression may be so severe that the person is not able to talk or to engage in meaningful dialogue, in which case it may be necessary to pursue other avenues of treatment.

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