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School Struggles

June 21, 2019

There’s many reasons your grades could be dropping and you don’t care. We’re looking at grades dropping, so we’re taking the assumption that your grades used to be good. Many different factors: the first thing that comes to mind is – what’s going on in your life? Have you started using drugs or smoking weed? That can really take down your motivation to focus on your grades. Have you joined a new social crowd? Have you been going out with your friends and trying to make new friends and social climb and grades have fallen by the wayside? Is something happening in your family? Are your parents fighting more? Are they yelling at you more? Or are there things going on that are distracting you from doing your homework? There’s a lot of different things that could be going on and I do really recommend that you try your best to figure it out. First line of defense should be to go talk to your teachers. They can help you if you are struggling with depression or things going on in your family and they may be more likely to give you an extension or grade you a little bit more lenient. If you have really good grades and you’ve had them every year up until now, you deserve to go advocate for yourself because I really, really hate to see GPA’s completely slashed because of something that happened in one semester in your life and it got wrecked. So please go advocate for yourself and try to figure out what you can do to keep your grades up.

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