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Screening Tests

Screening TestsThe people who have risk factors for type 2 diabetes need to be screened. The screening test is a very simple blood test. The most common blood test used right now is called a Hemoglobin A1c Ð it reflects your blood sugar for the last two or three months. WeÕve got cutoffs that tell us if you have diabetes or if you are at risk for diabetes and it can be done at any time of the day. Your primary care doctor can order it Ð you donÕt have to be fasting for it. People can also sometimes be tested with a fasting blood sugar and sometimes people use a test called an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. ThatÕs when you go to a lab, you drink some sugary stuff, and they test your blood sugar in about two hours. ThatÕs the test thatÕs often used for pregnant women these days. If one of those tests is abnormal, itÕs usually repeated just to confirm the condition. However, if you have classic symptoms of diabetes Ð if youÕre thirsty all of the time, youÕre drinking a lot of water, youÕre having to urinate a lot Ð classic symptoms and one abnormal test, thatÕs good enough for a diagnosis.

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