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Seeing a Specialist

June 21, 2019

Once diagnosed with facial paralysis and the appropriate tests have been done to rule out any of the other life threatening causes of the condition, your next step will be to seek counseling by facial nerve or facial paralysis specialist. The main role of the facial paralysis specialist is to establish the time course of treatment. In other words, when did the facial paralysis first occur? Is it getting better? Is it getting worse? And then to decide whether or not someone has not achieved maximal recovery and is thus a candidate for surgery. Sometimes the early medical advice given to patients is to simply wait out the facial paralysis, let it recover on its own. Although that might be true in the majority of cases, it’s very important to seek counseling by a facial paralysis specialist. And the reason for that is that there are certain early lines of treatment that can be instituted to get facial nerve recovery in a much more expedient fashion.

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