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Seeking Treatment

June 21, 2019

In general, most hemangiomas will involute or shrink by themselves. This doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be a problem. It just means that over time they tend to grow and then they shrink back down. Depending on the type of hemangioma, whether it’s an infantile hemangioma, a NICH, or a RICH (these are the different types that we have), they can grow and shrink at different rates. Most hemangiomas in general are small. They do not need to be treated. They go away on their own and you’ll never notice that they were there. Larger hemangiomas – even if they go away, they leave behind in their tracks an area of fibro-fatty tissue, meaning the blood vessel part of it comes out, but you’re still stuck with a lump of mushy tissue in an area. If this happens on the scalp, it’s a bald area on the scalp that looks round and raised, so it should be treated. If this happens on the face and it doesn’t go away, again – it should be treated. You can assume that if your kid has a small hemangioma, it’s going to go away by itself. If it’s in an area that might cause them a cosmetic problem in the future – this is very important – you should go see a specialist because they could get something as simple as an eye gel called Timolol to put it on there to help it shrink away or a quick laser to help it go away. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice. A lot of parents are scared to do that because they think that in the future of their kids will look back at them thinking, “Oh my G-d, my parents thought there was something wrong with me.” The reality of it is that most kids would appreciate it because when kids grow up with marks on their faces, they do have difficulty interacting with other children. It is, again, up to the parents what to do. However, there’s never any harm in seeking advice about birthmarks, especially when they occur on the face. When they occur in the airway, you have no choice. You will go seek a specialist and the proper diagnostics do need to be performed.

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