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Side Growth

June 21, 2019

Another is if it grows to the side, and that’s harder for it to do, of course, cause there’s a bony tissue there. But pituitary tumors can do that. And the structures on the side are the nerves that go and move the eye. And pituitary tumors can produce double vision in that way where the nerves of the eye don’t work quite right. If they go down they sort of fall into this big air cavity called the sphenoid Sinus, and they’d really have to get massive before they produce any symptoms that way because there’s a lot of space for them to grow that direction. But in order for them to grow that direction, they really have to thin out bone. So it’s hard for them to do that, but the big ones do. So that’s one set of symptoms, on just sheer growth and pushing on neighboring structures.

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