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Social Media and Suicide

June 21, 2019

If you know someone or you’re seeing someone post disturbing images or suicidal notes on Instagram or Snapchat, etc. – if you don’t know them, probably don’t follow them. If you do know them, what you need to do right away is you need to call their mom, call their teacher, call her dad, call anybody you know, call your own parents who can try to figure it out – but you do need to contact an adult as soon as you can. It’s very important. Do not ever feel bad that you’re telling on your friend or your consulting parents when you don’t need to. If your friend is willing to post that stuff out in public, they should know that somebody’s going to get help for them and somebody’s going to call their parents. That is definitely my advice is to get ahold of somebody in control who can do a lot more than a kid can.

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