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Societal Impacts

June 21, 2019

So that leaves us with the toughest nuts. And that is is that chronic low back pains, no leg pain, really pretty good looking studies. You can see everything from people who are functioning well, haven’t headed impact their lives terribly to people who are at home 24/7 don’t go out, don’t walk, don’t do anything. And that’s in spite of everything that modern medicine and medicine that isn’t organized medicine has to offer for those people. And it’s unfortunate, it’s a huge impact in their lives. They socially are not anywhere where they want to be with friends and family. They are monetarily, financially just not well off scraping together to get by, you know, living check to check, dollar to dollar. And it’s unfortunate. Probably one of the best things that we could do as a country. It would be to somehow say, okay, we need to come up with some sort of national program to rehabilitate those individuals and give them their lives back. Whether or not that’s ever going to happen. Tough to say. There are lots of priorities that we have.

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