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June 21, 2019

Generally people start having the symptoms that, gee, I’m having troubles getting through Costco. I can’t get through the grocery store without a grocery cart. I’m cutting up the vegetables and I got to sit down in the kitchen because it starts in the back and goes to the leg or legs. The thing that always has to be looked at is that this can be mimicked by two things. One is arterial disease and so smokers, diabetics, people with high blood lipids in a recent study can have arterial disease rather than actually spinal disease as a cause. So that needs to be looked at ultimately, if you’re thinking about it. And sometimes patients with orthopedic problems, it can be confusing with hip, things that might go to the groin particularly, or things that are in the knee and this is where a good doc can help sort that out for you and especially a spine surgeon who’s going to be cognizant not only of the spinal potential causes for your symptoms, but also for the other ones that lie outside the spine.

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