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June 21, 2019

It has to be associated with other factors, including: where the bright lights would bother you, sound would bother you, nausea, vomiting – at times (the nausea and vomiting usually go together, so you may only have one of those things.) Then other things may go with it as well: dizziness, lightheadedness, cognitive delay, feeling like I can’t think right, all of those things. Then if it has an aura with it, that may be that you get sparklies in your vision or wavy lines or even numbness and tingling – some sort of warning that the headache is coming. Each year when those governing boards meet, they define that a little bit closer and kind of tighten the guidelines and sometimes the names change and all of those things that it makes it a little bit more confusing. But that’s why I try and go to a meeting every year and learn the more defining topics and names and all of those kinds of things. But in reality, how we treat the headaches doesn’t matter that much depending on what we call it. The medications are all the same.

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