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Treating Infections

June 21, 2019

We’ve talked about treating the wound. That’s W. We’ve talked about treating the ischemia. That is I, or bad blood flow. Now let’s talk about treating the FI, or the foot infection in WIFI. Now if you have an infection, the infection actually comes before a lot of the other things. It needs to be often treated first depending on its severity. The first thing your doctor will do is assess the severity of the infection. The second thing he or she will do is determine whether this is something that needs to be treated medically, surgically, or both. He or she may assess this with a culture to determine what kind of antibiotic to use. He or she may then either get you on an antibiotic or B, they may try to drain the infection or remove what is dead surgically. Those are things that are going to be assessed by your physician and a surgeon at the time of assessment of your infection. There is a whole host of therapies that are necessary at various times and a whole host of different kinds of antibiotics that are to be used. But the important thing to understand is that one goes from broad spectrum to narrow spectrum therapy. That is a principle of good quality infectious disease to be using the most targeted therapy possible. And then, for the surgical treatment to treat the infection, to get rid of the infection and to do as little as possible to get that patient living his or her life as soon as possible. So it is a surgical and medical combination that makes a big difference there for the foot infection. So now we’ve talked about wound and approaches to treating the wound and assessing it. We’ve talked about approaches to treating the ischemia or the bad blood flow. And we’ve talked about treating the foot infection. So those are your WIFI settings.

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