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June 21, 2019

Some of these treatments would include injection therapy or arthroscopic minimally invasive arthroscopy of the knee, where you take a very small camera about as big as a pencil tip, and you put it through a tiny hole in the knee. You look around the entire knee, find the problem, and fix the problem. Sometimes patients can be kept awake during the procedure. It’s all done on a TV screen or other times patients would be asleep during that procedure. There are many types of injuries to the knee that would include such treatments as ligament reconstruction, or arthroscopic techniques involving cartilage treatments that may be causing the pain for this patient. Those type of injuries really need to be evaluated by a sports medicine specialist in orthopedic surgery where he can determine the cause of that knee pain or whether it be it through diagnostic studies and/or examination, and then treat it appropriately to reduce your symptoms or get rid of the pain altogether.

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