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What To Avoid

While you’re waiting to see the doctor for your trigger finger, some of the things that you can do to limit your pain and decrease some of the symptoms are to do things like limit the use of your head. So heavy manual labor, even repetitive activities should be avoided, especially if they’re painful. One of the things you can do after surgery to prevent any kind of complication, is really to keep your dressing in place and keep it dry. Typically, dressings are placed in the operating room and are sterile. Usually patients keep those in place for a couple of days before they’re allowed to remove them. And it’s important to keep the dressing and the surgical incision site dry. Moisture is typically the enemy of healing. So even if patient showers, they’re instructed to make sure that it’s dry afterwards. While there’s still sutures in your skin, we usually advise patients not submerge them. So things like doing dishes, things like swimming in a pool or a lake are typically not advised until the skin has completely healed.

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