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What To Bring With You

June 21, 2019

So let’s talk a minute about your visit with your doctor or even your spine specialist. There’s really, I mean if the simple main rules apply here, you want to be able to give a good history. So you may want to just write a few things down. Most docs don’t want to look at a whole, literally a verbatim list of every day of your life cause that that can be a long thing and you’ll notice that oftentimes the doctor will take that out of your hand immediately and start scanning it. But you should definitely bring a list of your surgeries, your medical problems, and your medicines. Now from the spine practitioner, definitely what we want to know is have you had this problem before? Who have you seen before? What’s been done before? Have you had any surgery before? You might want to bring the op notes or the histories and physicals to those surgeries in particular because that way we have a really good idea about what went on. The other thing is if you’ve had any spine surgery or spine problems, get those images on CD and bring them in. A good idea before you present to the doc’s office is to have looked at the images yourself. It often is not very hard to open those images at home and make sure that CD isn’t blank or that it’s scrambled and won’t open. Usually they autoload and autorun. So beyond that, the usual things apply, but if you come prepared like that, most docs will accept you with open arms.

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