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Wound Therapy

June 21, 2019

If you have a bigger wound, there are various types of technologies that might help the wound heal as well. Those include something called negative pressure wound therapy, which is a type of a foam that is attached to a vacuum that’s attached to a computer-controlled the vacuum device that actually can help stimulate little baby blood vessels grow. Other things that might be put on that wound include types of tissue that’s grown in the laboratory that could actually be applied, that can stimulate the wound, kind of like fertilizer might stimulate the wound. Other kinds of biotechnological devices that can be applied include technologies made from the amnion and chorion of the placenta. This is another type of technology that has been gaining popularity in certain circles as well. There are a host of other kinds of things like growth factors and other technologies that could be helpful. There’s just too many to mention. But the important thing to understand: it is not what you put on these wounds that heals them – is what you take off. The things that we put on the wound are adjunctive that can help the wound heal a little bit faster, but not until we have focused on what I mentioned first, which is the good quality of debridement and the offloading and the protection.

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