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Acute Back Pain Overview

February 2, 2022


Well, the back pain that’s important to separate out is as we talked earlier, what’s acute and what’s chronic? With acute back pain. Generally the patient will present with having had an incident or maybe no incident, maybe they just got out of bed, maybe they live in Boston and they were shoveling snow and the back went out. But it’s the acute onset of terrible back pain or even maybe mild back pain, but it doesn’t radiate. It doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t go down the leg and it stays pretty much localized to the lumbar spine, which is basically right at belt level or maybe a little bit above and a little bit below. Generally there’s not much with it. You can see a big, big spectrum. Everything from, Gee, you know, this is a minor nuisance and who maybe I’d better take a little bit of an anti-inflammatory for a day or two. Two, I can’t even get out of bed and I can’t function and this is bringing tears to my eyes. And so the vast majority of these though can be easily treated and people can treat them at home without even having to see a doctor.

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