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Acute Pelvic Pain – Overview

January 30, 2021


Pelvic pain can come in several forms. Acute pelvic pain, meaning pelvic pain that is short-lived and comes on sometimes all of a sudden or can be cyclic and intermittent, can be caused by some pretty urgent or emergent life-threatening conditions. So acute pelvic pain, that’s very severe. You absolutely need to go to the emergency room and have that investigated. There could be things like an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy in the tube, definitely a life-threatening condition. It could be an ovarian cyst. Now it’s very common to have ovarian cysts. Every woman has them with ovulation every month, but sometimes an ovarian cyst can get big. It can rupture, it can bleed, it can leak and it can cause excruciating pelvic pain. So if pelvic pain is short-lived, it comes on all of a sudden and it’s severe, that would be considered acute pelvic pain and definitely a reason to go to the emergency room.

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