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Anaphylaxis – Treatment

May 29, 2021


An anaphylactic reaction results from a rapid cascade of inflammation in the body after exposure to an allergic trigger. This can become life-threatening quickly. Epinephrin is a chemical medication available as a prescription injection that can halt the reaction and help reverse symptoms usually within five to 15 minutes of its use. It is important that epinephrin be used as early as possible during a reaction. Prescription epinephrin is available in formulations for all ages including young children and older adults. After using an epinephrin device, it is important to call 911 to be monitored for how your symptoms are responding. The use of a quick onset oral anti-histamine might be recommended in some cases of anaphylaxis. A board certified allergist and immunologist may be able to identify triggers that you can prevent exposure to in the future. Your physician might also provide an anaphylaxis action plan, which helps explain what to do in case of a future reaction.

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