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Andrew Siegel – Video Business Card

January 30, 2021


“Hi there. Andrew Siegel, urologist from Bergen County, New Jersey. From the earliest days of my childhood. I’ve always wanted to be a physician. I recall being in my backyard and finding a worm that was transected from some accident and getting my mother’s thread and sewing it back together. And I didn’t do a very good job, but it was the very beginning of my career. Years later, I did my urology training at University of Pennsylvania. And then I went on to UCLA where I did a fellowship in female urology and pelvic reconstructive surgery. I am doubly board certified, both in urology and in female urology. I am a Castle Connolly top doctor and an assistant clinical professor at our local medical school. At this stage in my life, I could be retired, but I have absolutely no desire to do so because I really enjoy what I did.

Urology is one of those fields where we can really help people. And I love the nuts and bolts of urology. We have the capacity of fixing broken things. All my life I’ve always been very disturbed by anything that’s been broken and really relished the prospect of being able to fix it. And that’s what we can do in neurology. I have a few principles of practicing. The first is do no harm, primum non nocere. The second is, and probably the most important, provide education to my patients to enable them to make informed decisions. I see my mission as to bridge the gap between the medical community and the nonmedical lay personnel. To that end, I’ve written numerous educational materials over the years, including five books, all on various health topics. Initially on general health and fitness, then going into healthy eating, now, pelvic fitness, female pelvic fitness, and ultimately a book on prostate cancer. The third principle that I like to adhere to is that I espouse doing simple and conservative treatments prior to considering complex and aggressive treatments. And finally, healthy lifestyle is vital for everything. And one of my favorite expressions is genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

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