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Anxiety – Setting Boundaries

February 18, 2022


Boundaries are the barriers we create between ourselves and others that allow us to have a healthy amount of distance in our relationships. Boundaries can be both physical and psychological. Although boundaries are a very important and healthy part of every relationship, setting boundaries can feel hard. The first step in setting boundaries is to get in touch with and notice your own limits and your own needs in a relationship, and then be able to communicate those directly. Examples of setting a boundary might be deciding to not hang out with someone or spend as much time with someone because they’re getting on your nerves a little bit, or it could be saying no to something that someone else wants you to do, but you just don’t feel comfortable with. A big part of setting boundaries involves tolerating the negative emotions that may come up when you have to say no or set a limit. Psychotherapy is a wonderful place to get more in touch with your own needs, your own limits, and learn how to set boundaries in healthy relationships.

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