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Appendicitis – Varying Symptoms and Emergency

October 30, 2020


People often ask, does everyone who has appendicitis had the same symptoms. And the answer to that is no, of course everybody’s different. Everybody experiences things including disease differently. So you could have appendicitis and could have all of the symptoms that I mentioned, or you could have appendicitis and have none of the symptoms that I mentioned now. It’s just the most important thing to know is if something’s off and especially if you have a fever that you need to seek medical attention. Another question people often ask is “isn’t appendicitis a medical emergency.” And the answer is absolutely yes, if you or anyone, you know, think that you or they may have acute appendicitis, you need to seek medical attention right away. That way you can get worked up and we can make the diagnosis as soon as possible to get you treated.

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