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Asthma and COPD – Leaving the ER

January 21, 2021


The easiest measurement to decide that you’re okay to go home is the oxygen saturation. Usually measured on your finger. If it is above a certain number, even when you walk, generally, it’s safe for you to go home. There is no specific number that determines it is safe for you, but you should feel comfortable and not overly breathless with simple movements in order to go home safely. You should also feel better with treatments, have access to your medications and be able to follow up with your primary care team. Finally, it is important to have a way to get back to the hospital. If you get worse, if you need multiple doses of high albuterol and other drugs like epinephrin or magnesium, you should probably stay in the hospital. The same goes, if you need a breathing mask for bi-pap or if you need intubation.

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