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Balloon Sinuplasty – Sinusitis Prevalence

November 28, 2021


Before balloon dilation of the sinuses, patients really had only one option once medical therapy was failing. They had to go to the operating room and had more aggressive traditional surgery, where tissue is being removed, and the sinus cavities are widened. Now with balloon sinus dilation, many of those patients who previously required surgery can be offered a dilation in the office. Essentially what balloon dilation is doing is improving the plumbing. Improving the drainage pathways of the sinuses, so when you catch a cold or when you have an allergy attack and mucus builds up in your sinuses, it can freely drain. As long as the sinuses can drain, the mucus doesn’t stay in the sinuses for a long period of time and doesn’t get infected. That’s the idea of balloon sinus dilation.

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