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Bell’s Palsy – Homeopathic Treatments

February 10, 2022


Bell’s Palsy does not have any proven medication for improvement other than a corticosteroid like prednisone or dexamethasone. You should not try to treat it with homeopathics. You would only be putting yourself at risk. In general, the most potent of homeopathic anti-inflammatories that I’ve seen is most likely tumeric, and unfortunately even tumeric would never be able to touch the amount of inflammation that you need to take down with things like Bell’s Palsy. So as far as homeopathics go, unfortunately you would never be able to use them by themselves unless you want to put yourself at risk. If you want to use them in conjunction with other medications, just make sure to ask your doctor to make sure that the two medications don’t conflict. In general, homeopathic medications are not dangerous by themselves. The danger comes when your only solution is a non-homeopathic medication and the patient (without consulting with a doctor) goes and takes the homeopathic medication themselves (not taking the medication they’re prescribed) assuming that whatever they read on Google or in a book is factual. This could lead to permanent damage. Again, it’s always up to the patient to do what they want to do. However, my advice is for everybody to understand that we’re living in a new world now. Most of the doctors who are out there now (especially the younger ones) are very, very in tune with homeopathic medications. They do use them. However, they know the full array of effects of each medication and they’re best able to describe to you the risks and benefits of taking each one. If you are interested in taking a homeopathic medication, bring it up to one of these doctors who is knowledgeable in that (which most of them are at this point) and they will advise you why or why not to take the medication either alone or with whatever medication most doctors would prescribe you.

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