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Borderline Personality Disorder – Lifestyle Changes

November 21, 2021


So lifestyle modifications that individuals can do is really honing on self care principles, such as having proper nutrition, eating correctly, avoiding fats, sugars, because these are also forms of addiction. Preventing, minimizing any form of addiction or substances. And when I talk about substances, of course, we talk about stuff like cannabis and cocaine and opioids, but I’m also talking about issues like nicotine, like tobacco is a leading cause of death in our country. So having, engaging in more healthy behavior. Exercise is so vital. And we talk about 150 hours a week of intense walking can really play a major role in an individual’s self care. And also looking at things like yoga, meditation, prayer is very important. So these are all the things that individuals can incorporate within their lifestyle to actually help meet the needs that they have.

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