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Borderline Personality Disorder – Prevention

November 7, 2021


The key thing with the personality disorders within the cluster Bs is to understand that at the core of these diagnoses is an immense sense of feeling inadequate. So to blame yourself, you’re only falling into that trap. I think the key thing is that once you have come to terms that this is a part of you, the next step is to heal yourself. And the way that that is done is by realizing that treatment therapy is the way to deal with the personality disorder as well as looking at how this behavior can lead to other behavior that’s problematic. So for example, if you have a personality disorder and as a result of dealing with this personality disorder, you’re engaging in substance use, getting treatment for your substance use disorder is important. If, as a result of your borderline personality disorder, suffer from a personality disorder, you have thoughts of wanting to kill yourself, thoughts of wanting to harm yourself, getting treatment for that, taking an antidepressant that will help the serotonin imbalance is the way to actually deal with that. If you’re having this massive mood swings, mood lability, having a mood stabilizer would be the way to deal with that. Part of the borderline personality disorder will be, some people will actually exhibit psychotic episodes. So being on an anti-psychotic that deals with the D2 receptors is a way to actually deal with that as well. So there’s a host of ways in which we can adequately treat the borderline personality disordered individual.

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