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Borderline Personality Disorder – Recurrence

November 21, 2021


So let’s say a person is in treatment for borderline personality disorder, and they’ve done the DBT. They’ve done all of those things and life is becoming stable. So what are some of the triggers? So I think some of the triggers can be any form of lifestyle change. Bad, obviously, but even good lifestyle changes can be a trigger. Anxiety can be a trigger. Depression can be a trigger. So once these people have triggers, I think one of the things about the borderline personality disorder is being able to reconnect with their therapist. So there’s basically a saying that therapists have that “Once a patient, always a patient.” And I think that’s really important because there are certain times that when you’re working with the individual, really, in the relationship, a strong therapeutic alliance has been established. Then there’ll be times when the patient’s doing well for 2, 3, 4, 5 years, but yet there’s an event at which the patient actually needs to be seen, the relationship, working relationship has to be reestablished. So basically understanding that concept is vital. So yes, understanding that there will be times, there will… Like, triggers can lead to increased adverse behavior of the individual that suffers from the borderline personality disorder.

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