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Borderline Personality Disorder – Symptoms

November 7, 2021


People with borderline personality disorder, they often describe their feelings as feeling empty. They will describe being left alone, people not liking them, not being loved. This sense of profound emptiness, this sense of being abandoned. It’s a very painful disorder to have. And the reality is not often true, because the perception is always that of a negative realm. Some of the signs of the borderline personality disorder, and oftentimes people around you will actually identify this aspect of your being. Examples such as a person that has a history of very impulsive, highly emotional relationships, where there was an amount of abuse that either the individual themself abused somebody or that another person abused them, a sense of abandonment, always feeling that they’re going to be left alone, and as a result of that, there’s this clinging nature. And also sometimes the person with the borderline personality, because there’s this profound sense of emptiness, they will also do self harm behavior. And with some of the more common examples of self harm behavior would be the example of cutting their arms. And oftentimes when you speak to a person suffering from borderline personality disorder, you ask them, “What do you get from cutting or from burning?” They will say that, “What I get is a sense of being alive, a sense of feeling something, a sense of being taken away from the pain that I am suffering from.”

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