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BPH – Follow-Up and Monitoring



Follow-up would be basically monitoring your responses to treatment and dealing with any potential problems that may arise from the treatment such as the development of blood in the urine, which is temporary, and can be expected after many of these procedures. Also, temporarily because of the inflammatory reaction generated by the treatment, you in fact may take some steps back in how you urinate, but as time goes on, not only do you return to your baseline, but very often you’ll move beyond your baseline and see significant improvement. The time that it takes for improvement ranges from a week to several months, again, depending on how severe the disease was and what treatment you selected. And the monitoring probably will consist of a periodic assessment of how well you’re urinating, periodic assessment of how well you’re emptying your bladder, and a periodic revalidation of your symptom score. So the follow-up would encompass those three metrics.

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