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BPH – Turp Surgery

February 21, 2021


When we consider the Turp surgery, it's generally well tolerated. By that, I mean, anesthesia doesn't affect most people. The bleeding is usually manageable with a catheter for several days. And the recovery, although it needs to be associated with fairly light activity, isn't overly eventful. On the other hand, anesthesia can be a problem, particularly a patient who has known cardiac or cognitive problems. Bleeding can become a problem in just about anyone, certainly someone who needs to be on blood thinners or who exerts himself too early afterwards. And there are some downstream sexual consequences: inability to ejaculate after the surgery occurs in about 60 to 70% of men, difficulties with erections, maybe 10%. So not entirely clean. On the other hand, the procedure really opens the prostate well, and it almost always reverses those obstructive urinary symptoms. Hesitancy, intermittency, incomplete emptying.

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