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Brain Tumor – Doctor’s Promo

December 21, 2020


My name is Michael Badrudoja. I’m a neurooncologist at the center for neurosciences. I did my neurology residency training at the medical college of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And I did my neurooncology fellowship at Duke university medical center. Here at the center for neurosciences, we treat many different types of brain tumors at the center of neurosciences. And for those individuals that require chemotherapy and radiation surgery, we certainly can provide that. One of the biggest things that that I hear from patients initially in their journey with this difficult to treat disease, that initially they come across physicians that gave them very bleak outlooks, and gave them a particular time point in terms of their survival. At center for neurosciences, our team of physicians are committed to improve the survival of every patient that we take care of and also to ensure that they maintain and sometimes even improve their quality of life through their journey of this difficult to treat disease. We have many different ways of managing brain tumors chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical interventions in various clinical trials, including trials that focus on novel cutting edge therapies, including vaccine studies.

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