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Brain Tumor – Grades

December 21, 2020


Gliomas are divided into four different grades, grade one, grade two, grade three, and grade four. Grade two gliomas, as well as grade one gliomas, are typically seen in the young adult or child. Grade three is typically seen in the middle aged, and grade four, typically seen above the age of approximately 50. With respect to malignant glioma there is a male predilection. There is also a white, Anglo, predilection as well. In terms of median survival, median survival for low grade gliomas typically is seven years. The median survival for malignant gliomas is approximately three years. And the median survival for glioblastoma is approximately one year. These numbers are figures that define large populations and do not necessarily hold true for any particular one individual at center for neurosciences. There are many people that we have that live and have very good quality of life outside of those median survivals. In addition, the incident of a malignant glioma occurs in approximately three to four per hundred thousand individuals.

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