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Cancer – Anemia

February 2, 2021


“So if you’re found to be anemic and especially if you’re found to be iron deficient and you’re post-menopausal, or you’re a male, you need to figure out why you have iron deficiency. So a lot of times we’ll refer it first for colonoscopy or a scope from the top, which is called an EGD, to see if there’s a source of bleeding in the stomach or in the colon. But if that’s negative, then it still needs to be investigated while you’re iron deficient.

It’s not always just an absorption problem, especially if you’ve never had an absorption problem before, and you’re not having bloating or constipation after eating, you need to look further. And a place to start is to do a urine analysis, to see if you’re losing urine in the blood, because there, you could have a tumor in your kidney or in your bladder. That’s like slowly leaking blood or any other process, but urine needs to be looked at. And if you’re post-menopausal and you start having uterine bleeding after a couple of years by not having cycles, it’s something you definitely want to look into because uterine cancers can present that way, where they’re bleeding now in the uterus. And if you catch it early enough, you can do a hysterectomy and cure it that way. But the important thing is you really have to find the reason for your iron deficiency.”

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