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Cancer – BRCA Testing

February 1, 2021


So you may have heard about this thing called BRCA testing, right? BRCA one and BRCA two. And a lot of times we think about them as associated with an increased chance of breast cancer, but studies are showing and research is showing that they’re also associated with an increased amount of other cancers, which is why we’re having a broader range of indications to suspect when somebody needs BRCA testing. They’re associated with increased ovarian cancer. One of them with prostate cancer. And it’s very important to know your family history and discuss with your oncologist what the indications are to see if you need the testing. Where it gets tricky is looking to see if the testing for BRCA is what we call germline. So it’s something that was passed on from your parents, or is it something that is BRCA mutated even in your tumor type? So now if you have cancer in a lot of, not a lot, but a few tissues, we need to see if the cancer itself has a BRCA mutation to see if it may be responsive to certain therapies, that’s particularly important in a pancreatic cancer, for example. So you really want to have an understanding of when BRCA is indicated, not just for your risk or of screening, but it also has treatment implications in cancer management now.

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