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Cancer – Conclusion

September 11, 2021


So I hope this helps you appreciate a couple of very important things when it comes to cancer. It’s that they are by no means the same thing across the board. So I’m going to have great prognosis on years, even in a stage four metastatic setting, whereas some are weeks to months. The treatments are all going to be different based on the “biology,” what is the makeup? What is this composed of? The treatments will vary even in the same cancer type. Somebody’s lung cancer may have different features that were attacking in somebody else’s lung cancer. And then that too, the challenge of why cure is so difficult and where we’re going to have a new approach and a way more targeted and finite approach, that’ll hopefully make you encouraged and believe in the fact that one day we will be able to get — and we are, far better survivals than of course we did 10 years ago. But even to the point where your quality of life is very much better than what unfortunately our parents, our grandparents had to go through.

So, here at, we want to equip you with all of those things, both the general understanding, because we do believe that it makes you feel, not, if ever comfortable, but more confident about what you’re dealing with. And we want to continue to educate you when these things come out, because even doctors have a difficult time meeting the needs of a community and to keep up on that research and whether we like it or not, we have to be collaborative. We need to be a team with patients and doctors and together, we need to stay on top of something that’s evolving very fast. So please, if you would, click the like, subscribe to our channel, visit our website, we want to continue to bring this information to you. And if you have particular questions or, the paper talks about mutations, we will be reading those things in the comments so that we can make videos to address those things. We’re here for you. And we hope that you find our information valuable and that we can help your journey with your strength and courage in these issues that deal with cancer better.

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