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Cancer – HPV

February 8, 2021


HPV virus, what is that all about? Well, we have learned that HPV virus, human papilloma virus is strongly and very strongly incriminated in a couple of cancers. Cervical cancer of the cervix in females, but as well as head and neck cancers in males. If you look at the trajectory, head and neck cancers diagnosed, when HPV came on the scene, head and neck cancers went way up compared to what they were before, in males. The silver lining, if there is one, is that HPV cancers that are in the head and neck are far more responsive and have a better prognosis than head and neck cancers that are HPV negative. The other most common cause of head and neck cancers are smoking and alcohol as well as sometimes like dipping and tobacco or betel nut that people put under their tongues recreationally. Those can cause head and neck cancers that are HPV negative, but outside of those habits, it’s pretty uncommon to get a head and neck cancer unless you have HPV. So for that reason, there are things that are recommended or offered at a young age for both females and males, because there’s an association with HPV virus. Should you get it and not be vaccinated against it that could increase your chance of cancer in the future.

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