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Cancer – Infection Treatment

February 8, 2021


Are there cancers that can be treated without any chemotherapy or antineoplastic therapy? The answer is yes. Outside of radiation and surgery, of course, there are some things that you can treat just by treating the infection. One of those things is called a MALT lymphoma, a mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma. And it’s associated very strongly with something called H Pylori, which may or may not give you a lot of heartburn, but could cause like gastric ulcers, which eventually lead to iron deficiency anemia, you got a scope and then a doctor tells you, you have MALT lymphoma with H pylori as an infection. Well, in that case, and in that setting, the treatment is to treat the H pylori bacteria and you get a triple or quadruple regimen to treat the H pylori. And what you see is the MALT lymphoma actually just resorbs and goes away most of the time. And sometimes it doesn’t and you require radiation and maybe some what we call systemic therapy. There are also some other treatments that can get better just by treating hepatitis C for example. So ask your doctor about what cancer type you have, and if there’s some less invasive measures, like in case of MALT lymphoma, that you can cure a cancer without systemic treatment.

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