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Cancer – Treatment Conclusion

September 10, 2021


And there’s a whole lot more to learn, that we have to discover. What makes these tumors grow fast? And when we discover it, can we block it? And that’s what clinical trials are for. And that’s what studies are for. And that’s why cancer treatments are continuing to evolve and revolutionize and a visit. I think being an oncologist is worth having, because you may have something new that your grandfather didn’t have with their cancer. I hope this can help you appreciate why, one, cancer treatments are challenging, but two, how much it’s evolving and how it’s very important to stay up to date and three, how the treatment of cancer has changed significantly and could possibly offer a very good quality of life. Here at, we want to provide those things for you to keep you up to date, not just as patients, but their family members and even physicians that are trying to keep up to guide their patients, either in a primary care setting or in a community where they’re just very overworked, just to be able to meet their needs.

We hope that you find this information valuable, which if you do, please hit that like button, select notifications to be turned on for when we post so that we can have the encouragement and reinforcement to continue to deliver this information. And in the comments, if you have any questions about this, or especially if you have a story that kind of supports this new targeted therapy, and maybe how it’s different, please post. We love reading those comments, we like tailoring our information towards those experiences you have, as well as the questions you have. Thank you again, and just know: the courage that comes with cancer and cancer diagnoses, both from patients and from families, are something that really humble us and make us want to help you in that process.

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