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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Carpal Tunnel Release

December 4, 2020


Carpal tunnel release is an operation designed to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is a fixed space in the wrist. It starts a centimeter above the wrist crease in the forearm and it extends to the midpalm. The purpose of surgery is to open the carpal tunnel and relieve pressure on the nerve. We like to think of the carpal tunnel as a small box. The floor and the two walls of the box are actually made up of the wrist bones and therefore there’s not much that we can do to modify their position or to change the volume by addressing those structures. The roof of the carpal tunnel is a tight band of Fascia and that band of Fascia can be opened to relieve pressure inside that tight box. That’s the purpose of a carpal tunnel release.

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