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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Symptoms

January 30, 2022


Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are actually quite predictable. Initially, people experience numbness and tingling as if they had fallen asleep on their hand. The distribution of that numbness and tingling is what alerts us to the fact that carpal tunnel syndrome may be responsible. The median nerve only supplies feeling to a very specific part of the hand. It’s the thumb index, middle and this half of the ring finger, so that’s where people begin to experience symptoms when they start having carpal tunnel syndrome. As the condition progresses, the motor portion of the nerve starts to become affected. That’s what provides input and strength to this group of muscles at the base of the thumb, obviously, because it’s the thumb, it’s a very important muscle group and the symptoms of weakness in that group of muscles are often very troublesome. People start having trouble buttoning buttons, turning keys. Anything where pinch and forceful grip are required. When people have numbness in that distribution and start having weakness, it’s absolutely a sign that carpal tunnel syndrome is likely to be responsible.

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