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Cataracts – Latest Research

January 31, 2022


The most impactful research and technology that is being done for cataract surgery revolves around the lens implants that we use during the process. For example, rather recently, we just had FDA approval of multifocal lenses. These are the lenses that allow people to see both far and near without glasses, but these lenses that will also correct for patients astigmatism. About 10% of patients undergoing cataract surgery have coexisting glaucoma. In the past, surgical treatments for Glaucoma have been rather invasive. One of the exciting new advances is the development of small drainage devices that can be implanted in the patient’s eye at the time of cataract surgery. These don’t take long to do, and they don’t add to the discomfort during the procedure or to any recovery time. The good news is that with modern technology and under the care of an experienced and qualified surgeon, patients can anticipate a relatively easy process, a short surgery time, a quick recovery time, and a really good benefit to your quality of life.

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