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Chronic Cough – Overview

January 24, 2021


“Hi, my name is Dr. Craig Zalvan, and I’m an ear, nose and throat doctor who specializes in voice swallowing, cough and reflux disorders, also known as a laryngologist. One of my specialties for which I see a lot of people each year is chronic cough disorders. Specifically, there are many people who have been coughing for weeks, months, years, even decades, and continue to cough despite seeing multiple doctors and having tried many different treatments, often spending lots of money in time, trying to find resolution for their chronic cough, which can be quite debilitating. Having practiced for nearly 20 years and specifically focusing on chronic cough disorders, I’ve developed a very unique approach to helping to diagnose the problem, the cause. And come up with a way to treat this disorder. Specifically, looking for and diagnosing laryngal pharyngeal reflux disease and neurogenic cough, which is a nerve based disorder that can cause increased sensitivity, leading to chronic recurrent coughing.

I’m able to find the cause and help treat upwards of 90% of the people that I see. Do you feel a tickle sensation in your throat? Do you have coughs often in coughing spasms? Does your voice get strained when you’re talking? During coughing periods? Also, are there many triggers such as talking, laughing, eating, drinking, cold air? If this sounds familiar, you might have a neurogenic cough. My approach to treating this chronic cough disorder has been published. And again, our success rate is upwards of 90% and I take care of a lot of people who have been coughing despite numerous treatments.”

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