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Colon Cancer – Recovery

March 8, 2022


Once the patient has completed treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, and possibly radiation therapy, there are other ways to help prevent a recurrence of the colon cancer. Multiple studies actually have shown that physical activity or exercise both during treatment and after treatment can be helpful. During chemotherapy, if patients are physically active, it helps them to respond better to treatment and after completion of treatment, if they continue to be physically active, it also helps to help prevent recurrence of their cancer. With regard to diet, we also feel and know actually that the low fat and low protein or animal protein diet can also be protective. This needs to be proven in future studies. In addition, an aspirin a day, as well as daily supplements of calcium and vitamin D can also be protective. Patients also need to follow up with a gastroenterologist in order to undergo colonoscopies in the future, as recommended periodically to help detect any recurrence of colon cancer.

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