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Colonoscopy – Diagnostic Gold Standard

August 17, 2021


I think the statistics about how prevalent colon cancer is are staggering. Did you know that one in 20 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer in their lifetime? And it’s actually the third most commonly diagnosed cancer. Colon cancer is actually 90% curable if it’s detected early with the proper screening. So it’s very important to get screened. While no screening tests can be 100%, a colonoscopy is definitely the most accurate test available. And this is why doctors continue to emphasize the need to be screened. And that starts at the age of 45. There are other alternatives that are stool-based test, and these can be used for screening, but they tend to be reserved in patients who don’t want to undergo a colonoscopy or have other conditions that may limit the ability to have a colonoscopy. So whatever way you choose, please do get screened. This can be a life saving measure.

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