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Colonoscopy – Polyp Types

November 30, 2020


There are definitely different types of polyps that we are able to see during a colonoscopy. There’s completely benign polyps, which are tubular Adenomas and hyperplastic polyps. These are slower growing polyps and they take about five to 10 years to then change and become cancerous if they do change. There are other types of polyps such as tubulovillous, Adenomas, which are slight, usually larger, and those are usually more progressive, which means that they can change and become cancerous in a faster period of time. And that’s why, depending on the type of polyp you have, it depends. That changes your, what we call surveillance or the time that you get your next colonoscopy. Tubulovillous Adenomas, for example, you would have to have a colonoscopy within three years of a diagnosis of that. And that’s why every polyp that we take out, we sent to a pathologist to review under a microscope because they’re able to tell us exactly the morphology and the pathology of that polyp.

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