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Congestive Heart Failure – Causes

December 17, 2020


Congestive heart failure is a disease in which your heart doesn’t pump enough blood to your body to meet its needs. It can happen for many reasons, including ischemic heart disease, which is disease of your arteries that supply your heart, as well as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcohol use, smoking, diabetes, obesity, as well as other auto-immune conditions that are a little bit more rare. Some of the causes of heart failure include coronary artery disease or otherwise known as ischemic heart disease. This is the most common cause of heart failure. Other common causes include alcohol use or drug use, typically methamphetamines, as well as high blood pressure value and heart disease, meaning problems with the valves in your heart, as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Infections are another cause of heart disease. And there are some specific though quite rare infections that can cause heart failure. One of these diseases is called Chagas disease, which is actually seen more in Central and Latin America. This usually is brought on by a bug called an Ixodes tick bite that can over time manifest in heart failure.

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