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Congestive Heart Failure – Symptoms

December 17, 2020


Common symptoms of congestive heart failure are shortness of breath, and this can be manifested in many different ways. Typically, people can have shortness of breath on exertion. This can be while running or walking. Sometimes if your disease is severe, even just while walking a couple of steps. Another form of shortness of breath is called orthopnea, meaning when you lie down, and some people may need to sleep with pillows in order to prop themselves up. Another form of shortness of breath is what we call paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, which is that sometimes you can be so short of breath that it’ll actually wake you up. And this is a common symptom and sign to know that your disease is pretty severe and may need more aggressive treatment. Usually chest pains are not a symptom of heart failure itself. It’s more the shortness of breath that will manifest in this disease. Typically patients also experience leg swelling due to water retention.

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