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Coronary Heart Disease: Alternative Treatments

March 6, 2022


I think it’s important for each patient to discuss with their clinician what’s the best option in treatment for them. But what we often recommend to patients is coenzyme Q10, because the levels of co Q10 go down after the age of 50, and if patients are taking statins, which most of our patients with coronary artery disease are doing, then the coenzyme Q10 levels get depleted. So coenzyme Q10 supplementation is important, and I recommend that for my patients with coronary artery disease. Fish oil and fish oil supplements are often recommended and used by patients which help reduce triglycerides and lipids. There are now better formulations that are pharmacologically available, and a clinician may prescribe it for certain patients that are higher risk for recurrent MI. Especially if the triglycerides levels are high. Flax seed oil is used by some patients. A certain modification of fats is also recommended for patients that have coronary artery disease. I recommend that you discuss with your provider if you’re trying to use some of these alternative ways to manage coronary artery disease.

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